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Using canon camera as a webcam device

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Hello Guys, Today i'm gonna share with you easy and simple method of using your canon camera as a webcam. Of course its gonna increase your credibility when you're on a meeting or conference, especially if you are a host of some meeting or a speaker. If you want video version here you can click on the video below in bahasa indonesia

1. Prepare your canon camera You can use any canon camera (further research needed). For my case, i've tried canon 5Div, canon 6D, and both works well for video conference as long as your camera have data direct connection. And you mustn't use memory card for this. first you need data cable for your camera, usually when you buy a camera, its included in your package (so time to search in your attic). LoL.. then connect to your computer and make sure it doesn't trip other. If cable protector is included in your camera, you should use it too. What i try is the mac version, but if you are a windows user, its even easier for the software eventhough its still in Beta state. 2. Download additional software in your computer You need additional software. from my experience, its only available in Canon USA website only.. you can search via google. After installing, you need to restart your computer first. Here is link below for 5D camera (its universal, so its not a exclusive for one camera type only. For MAC user

For now Version 0.9.0 only support for web browser app version using google chrome. Safari or other browser isn't supported yet. For instance, you can use zoom meeting on the web but not on the native apps. From what i've heard, it can also support skype and WebEx via web application too. Lets hope that they will update its 'not so beta' version so it can support various application. It also support wirecast streaming software, but not OBS. Troubleshooting Information MAC

For WINDOWS user

From what i've heard, it support many things more than mac. it also can support streaming software like OBS too..But further research needed for this claim (i dont have windows based PC). But you should try it though. Troubleshooting Information WINDOWS Additional Information : - if you are using other canon camera that its software not listed, you can use above links and try if its supported (i use 5DIV software for my canon 6D mark 1) - When your camera plugged to your computer, you should close EOS Utility, since it will disabled your camera as a webcam. it can support only 1 software lane, hope they will update soon. - Consider using dummy battery if you plan on doing long duration video conference. Happy conferencing using your canon camera ! hope this one helps you

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