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Photographer • Science Nerd • Coffee Addict

Hello, i'm Yedija. Live at Jakarta, Indonesia and doing my photo assignment worldwide. Majoring from art and design university, photography became my choice of freedom expression.

Most of my work inspired by Asian style photography, i love Japanese culture so more or less some of my work inspired by their culture.

On my life, i found my happiness on photographing people when they smile for every frame that i capture, when people say thanks for every photos, and when people actually use my photos for their profile.

My most favourite Photography genre is Wedding & Engagement, both really challenging because its the integration of portrait, journal, product, art, fashion & commercial genre.

My other interest is talking about Science and Philosophy. I love arguments and hearing other people's thought. Like arts, i thought that every people deserves their freedom of thinking, belief, and expression. i'm an introvert person but after you know me well, i might become extrovert.

If you interested, lets have some morning coffee while talking about everything, i like the smell of coffee and If you believe i’m your photographer choice, do not hesitate to contact me or if you just want to say hello

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"Photo never deteriorate and the subject never aged. its kind of time machine, isn't it?"


Life is a story that we need to share with other

• Bachelor of graphic design

• Author of "Memotret model - Asian Style" Book

• Speaker and Lecturer on some workshops

• 9 Years of experience in wedding and photography

• Manager and conceptor behind Anici Studio 

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