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My Personal Gear

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Hello everyone, today i want to talk about my personal gear that i use for my work. First of all, thanks for visiting my new personal website. If you have any suggestion, or inquiries, dont hesitate to contact me :)

i love silver and white color, taken with canon 5D mark iv and sigma 24-35 F2 art

My journey start from high school, that i receive my first personal phone with camera, that is sony ericsson k750, claim to have first autofocus camera on phone. Jump to my university years, to get the assignment done, i usually lent camera gear from my cousin and friends that is Canon 1000D, Canon 500D, and Canon 550D. Thats why i ended up with canon gear right now. i receive my first camera that is Canon 7D and 24-105 F4L

I love my 7D so much, the autofocus was perfect at that time with my 24-105 F4L lens until i need new lens for low light situation. After i save my money, then i bought tamron 17-50F2.8 and majestic nifty fifty F1.8 series (a lens that everybody use for canon shooter), i was very happy at the moment. Thats my first year of photography

My second and third year, my friend introduce me to the model & fashion work. My gear addiction started and i bought my second camera that is canon 600D. I sold my 24-105 and buy 35mm F2 and 85mm f1.8 since i'm fascinated by the fix lens. it feels perfect at the moment.

both are taken with 600D and 85mm lens

As my experience about photography increase, my fourth year in photography that is 2012, i start doing some commercial work. i invest in flash, lighting, tripod and other accessories. i learn about studio lighting so much this year since my friend introduce me to his studio in jakarta. Everyday in the mean time i always come to his studio and usually with models to learn about studio lighting, even i willing to sacrifice my study just for learn about photography (luckily now i graduate with decent score).

my fashion and commercial work, still taken with canon 7D

my fashion works for DVS olshop, taken with canon 5D mark iv and sigma 50mm f1.4 art

Years progressed, i sold my 7D and 600D, move to full frame. My very first full frame camera is canon 6D. i use it for at least 3 years doing many commercial work like product, wedding, prewedding, engagement, also doing video too. Actually i ever work at my friend's office become photo editor and photographer office hour for 8 months and i realised that working office hour was not for me. i continue my work as a professional freelance photographer as i graduated from university. Start from 2014 i began to serious in wedding industry as my main job as a photographer. i invest a lot of new gear and computer.

Courtesy of Rendy & Anggi Wedding, Photograph for @WSPhotographs, Taken with 5D mark iv and Sigma 24-35F2 art

Doing wedding means i have to prepare for everything from very wide, wide, medium, and telephoto lens, combined with fast autofocus camera and good low light performance lens since i cant control the situation and condition, but i still need to take the moment with great result. Thats why i think that gear does matter beside personal skill. its not the main things but still a very important one. i dont want my gear to limit what i want to take thats why i like to buy the best gear possible as long as it still on my budget.

my personal gear

My favourite camera is now canon 5D mark iv, i will promise will review it detailed in another post. For now i'm gonna tell you that if you are a canon shooter, then 5D mark iv is gonna be your ultimate choice. Combination between speed, autofocus, image quality, dynamic range, low light capabilities, and whats more important for me is the handling and ergonomic itself that holds me stick to big DSLR rather than light mirrorless camera (i admit there are mirrorless camera with better image quality and dynamic range out there). Furthermore, the touch screen is very great and responsive, now for shooting 70% of it, i use screen for more accurate composition and exposure for the exchange of battery life, i usually need 3-4 battery when doing all day wedding. The major drawbacks for 5D mark iv for me is the image size, especially in RAW format will double and it slow my computer down a lot when i do batch processing.

6D Is my secondary camera, it is very light and easy to use. i use it as my backup camera just in case anything happen to my main camera. actually 6D is a little more sharp than 5D mark iv because there are no AA filter in it, but what i hate about 6D is its focus point, the only trusted focus point is the middle point. i also bring 5 batteries in case there are no electricity nearby to charge the battery.

For travelling purpose and style, i recently bought olympus OMD em 10 mark ii with its kit lens. its different experience when shooting with mirrorless believe me, but honestly i cant go with olympus for important commercial shooting because of its image quality and complicated camera operation. My advice is if you love to go light, olympus might be your gear choice because of its size, but my recommendation is buy a good glass such as Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f2,8 Pro for travelling.

Commercial work for architecture ~ Copyright of, taken with 5D mark iv with canon 16-35F4L IS USM

For camera carrying system, i sometimes use 2 camera at once for wedding day, thats why i choose double strap from @shadow_goods for my convenience and also style. Beside, i also sometimes use spyder camera holster and black rapid strap depending on the situation

My ultimate lens combination is sigma 24-35 F2 art, sigma 50 F1.4 art, and canon 70-200 F2.8L ii IS USM. its almost cover all my need for photography, with the exception of 16-35 F4L IS USM is for occasional use if i need to go wider that 24mm. 16-35 is a fantastic lens and the image quality is far better than its sibling 16-35 F2.8 L ii USM. A little story, 70-200 is my favourite lens since 6D and before i have sigma lens because of its performance. All about this lens is just perfect and better than all my lens that i ever have, just the weight that sometimes holding me back from using the lens.

Recently i love sigma art lens, honestly because i can get ultimate quality lens (build quality, handling, performance) with half of the price than its canon competitor (you might need to calibrate this lens). my 24-35 and 50 cover almost all of my wedding photograph. if i have some money maybe i'm gonna get their 85mm to complete my fix lens combination.

My Bag of choice is ThinkTANK airport Take off and thinkTANK Retrospective 30 both of it fits all my need when i photograph wedding or commercial. Beside, i also use National Geographic W5071-Medium-Rucksack when i need to bring laptop and camera for travelling overseas beside my Roller bag if i dont have assistant

For landscape and studio work when i need tripod, i trust SIRUI W-2004 combined with SIRUI E-20 Ball Head since its light, waterproof, and easy to use.

What's inside my camera bag

For the computer itself i trust mac OS. i'm used to mac system ever since in highschool, and i love its product design. thats around year 2008 since the first new aluminum macbook released. i still have early 2008 version of silver macbook pro and still running great even its already 9 years old. For travelling i bring my macbook air since i love its lightness and battery life, and for heavy purpose i use imac 27 inch at my office for batch editing photos and video.

Thats all my main camera gear, many people told me that i need to hold back my GAS syndrome, and im a pixel peeper people. Despite all of that, i just wanna give the best for my clients and friends when they need my photograph, and i want to focus on photography itself rather that gear holding me back. Especially for critical moment like Wedding day or big commercial work.

if you want to discuss about gear, you can contact me here

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