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This is my workshop after at least 2 years i didn't speak in front of public. My workshop this time is about Basic Studio Lighting. 6 years ago i start to learn about basic lighting studio in my friend's place. He said "bring a model and you can use my studio to learn and have fun together", then i with my friends frequently bring my photogenic friend to be a model for photoshoot. My college life become my 2nd priority after photography, but luckily everything went smooth, and today i can share my experience and knowledge to the participant. Moreover, now i have a studio, so i have a freedom to do here.

Thanks to my girlfriend who help me a lot during workshop and preparation, also beautiful model for this workshop @windyiwandi

anyway she's also the founder of @foodirectory which you love to see their post.

my workshop held on 17 june 2017 at @anicistudio tangerang, gading serpong. On the first section we learn about basic studio equipment and light placement. The participant mostly are from university, some has been working and another is still in senior high school. We learn about shadow & highlight, lighting angle, and many more.

in the second part, we learn about standard light for 2 and 3 points light, include how to use backlight for creative studio lighting, background color is also used. Beside we learn about camera angle, camera position, lens use, and many more

in the third part, we learn in depth about 3 lighting setup, also in this section i use my new background color (pastel pink), and trying some new lighting setup that i never use before. The participant is doing photo hunting, and since i tell them to bring their camera, they can do direct practice in mini photo hunting.

in the end, everything went well, and i give certificate to all participant. in the last i say thank you for all who support this workshop to happen :)

From the Left :

Dzikri, Derillius, Me, Novia, Ryan

Pingkan, Jovita, Windy, Florence, Cindy

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