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Dear Fellow Artist

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Yes, i know

some of us whose work depends on photography and art its only time will tell when we need to stop

because eventually we need to live as a person.

When darkness around and twilight has come

we know that the circle of life is always turning we might be at the bottom, or still in the middle

and maybe the worst is yet to come

Fellow artists and artisan

we have to keep create our work

even sometimes its all just and illusion

because only with arts, we can be ourself

and doing our best based on our ability

we don't care what others has said

because art is priceless

art is personal

art is idealistic

and art was created from our Ego

Life is a changing process

some people start from the bottom, some in middle, and some start on top

its not the end result that we care

but the process of sorrow, pain, sickness, and intimidating from others

and that feeling's gonna be painted on our art

in silentness

Keep going for what you dreamed of even when the storm is coming

and sometimes it makes us wants to stop

we have to keep running

no matter how slowly

we definitely reach it someday

Because its only an art

that creates Utopia not Dystopia

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