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Wedding Rings - Gallery, Tips, and Trick

Disclaimer :

All photo in this blog is taken by myself, courtesy to every single couple, and all wedding vendor that i work for.

Courtesy of Archie & Renni Wedding Ring

What do you think when you heard wedding rings? a symbol of status? symbol of society? symbol of wealth?

in many places, the ring itself act as a talisman, also the symbol of marriage between 2 people. its history can be trace back to ancient Egypt from 4800 years ago. For complete reference, you can look up HERE or HERE

Courtesy of Rudal & Shela Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Ricky & Karin Wedding Ring

Its been 4 years and hundreds of wedding session since i'm doing wedding photography and for most of time, i get the chance to shoot their wedding rings, here is my personal wedding ring photo collection, also for photos i'll share some tips and trick to shoot wedding rings.

Courtesy of Adhi & Nova Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Ardy & Okky Wedding Ring

There are always challenge in every wedding ring shot i've ever done :

1. Time

Time is always a challenge for every wedding, the tight schedule and short time is troublesome. of course i want to take the best photo for every detail in wedding but time is always challenge. Usually i do ring shot before preparation when the brides is doing her make up, but if the time is also short, usually i find time after their holy matrimony when the brides doing her touch up, or just before the reception.

Courtesy of Adhi & Nova Wedding Ring

i use 100mm macro lens, and i'm looking for bokeh behind the ring. For my tips, You need to place the bokeh source far away, and using high aperture number. But for photo above, i use F4, to gain little depth of field

Courtesy of Jefri & Wiwi Wedding Ring

i use 35mm sigma art lens, and get help from my friend to make the splash itself. Also i use backlight strobist 1 light from behind to get highlight effect. Bokeh from the left corner is from the water in my lens itself, and i also use little diamond in front of the ring (bottom right).

2. Schedule

Even sometimes we cant find our schedule to shoot wedding rings. Thats why usually i have a team of 2 or 3 photographer to cover the whole wedding shoot.

Courtesy of Toga & Melissa Wedding Ring

the morning schedule is very tight, so i take this photo during evening. Of course i need to lend from the couple during their retouch session, also i got the sunrise too. For this photo i use wide angle lens to catch the ambience and using high aperture around F5 to get deeper depth of field.

Courtesy of Yosef & Novi Wedding Ring

i take this photo late after the the reception is over. I also use their souvenir and some flower from the reception together with the bokeh in the background to give contrast to the photo.

3. Props

i always want to make every wedding ring shoot special, and i dont want to repeat the same technique for every ring shot. Thats why sometimes i need props and accessories for creative shoot. Usually i takes everything available, whether its a glass, sugar, fabric, artificial light, mirror, magazine and many more. Of course i also bring some standard props in every wedding shot so if i'm out of idea, i can still doing creative shoot.