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Surabaya Trip 2017

Photos taken with canon 5D mark IV, sigma art 24-35 F2, and 50 f1.4 art

Recently im doing my trip to Surabaya, Malang, and Bromo with my girlfriend

i will write this into two parts since i have a lot of photos that days

in this part one i will talk a little story about my trip to surabaya. In this photo series, we are going to "Taman Sakura Keputih" Surabaya, which was supposed to be a flower garden, but when we reach there, part of them isn’t maintained anymore, many flowers are gone.

i’ve been using wifi trigger in some photos (especially when i’m there too)

After Taman Sakura Keputih, we continue our journey to Kenjeran Park. by the way we use uber for our primary transport since it's very convenient, eventhough some driver is playing trick on us. But once again, it's not like our expectation, or maybe it's not weekend, so the park is very quiet, and im not seeing some tourist or local went there to play. But because of that, i managed to get some good photos with not distracting background. At Kenjeran Park, we went to Pagoda Tian Ti, Patung Buddha 4 Rupa, and Vihara Dewi Kwan Im

After blue hour, for my last trip, I went to Surabaya North Quay. It's located in the very north of Surabaya

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