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Serenity - Florence Aprillia

Hello, here is my photoshoot series. For this photoshoot i want to make a concept about a lone woman like waiting for someone while reflecting at herself. There are 3 parts and concept of this series, 12 photos for each set. Also at my studio there are new props so i'm going to try my new props and set.


Part 1 -

i'm not a devil nor an angel

i'm just an imperfect being

i'm the only existence

search for the meaning of life

a comfort place to rest

reminiscing the good old days

the world before me

went flashing through my eyes


Part 2 -

The world is colorless

its all pure and gloomy

neither black nor white doesn't exist

my body feels its deteriorating

my quest isn't over yet

keep looking for something missing

joyful, happiness, sorrow, pain

everything seems lost


Part 3 -

Darkness began to fill my heart

Color began to reappear in my world

all seems red although i can't feel

looking for a glimpse of hope

the only hope left

the only world that i live

everything's gone

serenity for eternity



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