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Collaboration Project with Sheila Wang

©yedijaluhur || photo using strobe light

Lately, this is have been my monthly project with SheilaWang MUA and bridal, and i will share to you my work on this. These collaboration is one of the best team i ever had, with professional Make up @sheilawangmuaandbridal , Great if not the greatest hair do that i ever work with @hairdobynadira , and also with the best model. Most of them is instagram influencer. for this series, im gonna share 4 of my best photo for each model. so 20 in total. All of these photo taken with 5D mark iv and Sigma 50 Art lens F1.4. These are 5 of my last project with her. The first one is with @PutriSetiawan at first i though the shoot is gonna be hard since i just have little time to shoot with minimal lighting equipment. Luckily, in that place, they have little room with big windows lighting, even though the light is too dim, that force me to use big aperture with high ISO.

The second one is my project with @Poppyoctaviany. Yes i shoot with her many times for a project if you know and i think that her expression is flawless, with the help of great make up, hairdo and wardrobe i think this was one of the best shoot that i ever took with her. i believe in the future she's gonna be more awesome as time passed by

The third one is photoshoot with @RheaTjhai. This was my first time met her and having a photosession with her. I love her mature aura that comes from her, even thought i just have little time to shoot with her, i think im able to capture her beauty and i hope a can recreate a shot with her later with more exciting concept.

The fourth one is a photosession with @Brigittatifanny. This also my first time met with her. at first i think she's very introvert person because she's silent during make up session. After make up session was done, im finally able to get acquinted with her and she's actually a cheerful and fun person to work with. And the first one with red dress really match her character

The fifth one was a photoshoot with @JesslynXiu. And yes i know her since around 4 years ago that i still remember up until today because the first photosession that i had with her is also with her college friend and also her college lecturer in photography. Of course i like her style so much, especially her hair in bright and clear pink that looks like an living anime. Our theme for these session is valentine.

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY EVERYONE ! May all living things be happy and lets spread the love toward each other.

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