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Japanese Schoolgirl Strikes Again - Metta

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

After some teaser at social media, This is the full photo and video series from photoshoot with this cute and cheerful girl. i met her at cosplay event, at that time she's posing Cardcaptor sakura. While surprisingly, she's a friend of my photography partner. He invite me and other photographer to make a photoshoot with "jousei Kousei" theme. Thats actually a term of japanese school girl. The photosession itself is fun and a lot of laugh. My friend he's always overexcited himself that makes any photosession become alive. And for this time i'm not only doing photosession but also doing video too after 2 years im not doing any video work anymore. It turns out that i'm also happy with the result, makes me want to shoot another video. Enjoy :)

I'm shot the video using my 5D mark IV with 50mm sigma art Handheld only, and edited using Final Cut Pro. Also the music i'm using is self made using artificial intelligent, if you are interested, just message me and i will tell you :) Enjoy the rest of my work below :)

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