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Grand Prix BSD

Hello, sorry for my late post. On 19th december, i had a free time, so i went to shoot some event, especially i only shoot at the car race. This is actually my first time shooting car race. Its a new experience for me, i'm confused about how i should place myself to shoot the race. I went there by car. First im going to outside track, and park my car there. But it turns out that its not a park to inner track, because i think in inner track i have better spot for photography, then i move to inner track and i need to pay IDR 50k to get a seat at the tribun.

its a cropped version, i bring my 5D4 and 70-200, but i thing the distance is too far to get full length car shoot, its around 40 meter maybe from the track. So i decided to get out of inner track and looking at google map, looking some great spot after analysing the track. Picture below is my photo spot. The 2nd and 3rd is outside the track.

This event was held on 18-20 august 2017 at BSD, South Tangerang. Usually this event held at Sentul. I love car and machine but not entirely following the car industry. This love came from television show called Top Gear. Its shame at the presenter is now change because of some internal conflict. The sound of engine, tire, and turbo always amazed me. This is my result from 2nd spot.

after the race ended, i move to the 3rd spot after eat some lunch there. Its a private place, but luckily i get permission since i bring my professional camera with big lens. they think that i'm from the magazine or pers. i use only basic equipment that is 70-200 and 16-35 with canon 5D mark iv body without tripod or anything. the autofocus works well and 80% of the shot was in focus.

tips : "use backfocus button to shoot motorsport like this", because you will gain better control of camera and shutter this way.

You can use this photo with permission from me, further information, contact me here

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