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Revolutionizing image editing with AI tools in Adobe Photoshop

Its been long since i write a new blog since im busy with my schedule and photosession. i will talk later in my other blog post. Today i will talk about the state of AI, especially in photoshop content aware tools.

First lets see these two photos. i tahe these photo on my studio @anicistudio.

Model by Deta ; captured by yedija with canon 5D mark iv

Model by Yuyu ; captured by yedija with canon 5D mark iv

Both photos is original straight out of camera. The first one i take with natural light and the model stand in front of windows and the light is very dim, so i need to up my ISO to raound 3200

Second one is commercial photo for one of my softlens project. im using 5D mark IV for both photos. The light is already great and it just need few retouch to complete.

Today is christmas and i havent got any christmast portrait. So i take both photos and make it christmas theme. Look at both process

And this is the end result after 20-30 minutes of editing. with this screen size, you wont see and defect or abnormality with the photos, although if you zoom at over 50 or 75% you will see the imperfection in AI itself. The ability of extending the background was superb and flawless for any social media use (not for commercial). With all the limitation, photoshop AI can also change the outfit of people. Imagine if all the limitation is breach, it can be an evil tools for some people out there too. haha..

Do you think that AI can change photography? For me, yes it is.. photography will never dead, but its constantly changing overtime and it happen at a rapid pace. Honestly, myself is overwhelmed by this technology and try to keep up whit it. Imagined what happen with AI and photography for the next 10 or 20 years ?

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