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Fate, Love and Hope

Updated: Jan 12, 2019


Credits :

all photos taken with 5D mark iv with canon 16-35 F4L IS lens and Sigma 50mm F1.4 art lens

Some photos are taken using wifi remote connection

Flower Crown by @maishophere

Lash extension by @chingulashes



From no one to someone to the one

the starting point is just a little random things

This is the first step towards 2017

At the big vast blue sky of indonesian archipelago

saturday morning at where the breeze of the sea is calling us

The white sandy beach sparkling like a stardust

i don't want to regret the feeling that i've lost

Looking at the smile that give me a new hope and dream

reminiscing how fun the life is, like a newborn baby

Like an angel

She’s there when I’m at the one of my lowest point in my life


Yes!! she like it, and she accept it !!

the euphoria feeling that overflowing like a waterfall

it was though but i’m a fighter like she always telling me

chasing the dream that i ever had

to the point where i can stood still

i know its not an easy choice to go fight alongside with me

but i know for sure that we can do it


“ ふたり なら だいじょうぶ ” means “its alright if its two of us”

the words that always make me strong

its just the first step

there are more journey ahead through sorrow and joy

prepare for it, lets fight together

Happy Valentine Day for you, dear love :)

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