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Love in Tokyo - Alfian Aurel

Updated: Jan 12, 2019


Credits :

all photos taken with canon 6D, sigma 24-35 f2 art, sigma 50 f1.4 art, canon 85mm f1.2L II

Words and photo by @yedijaluhur

Photo Courtesy of @camiopictures

Alfian & Aurel Prewedding day


The glimpse that take me to your heart

i remember it all day long

the sun was rise, and shady days are coming

we were there towards our future

The journey doesn't end here

long long road wait for us there

under the trees, in between the nature

we take a breath and enjoy nature a bit

We take a walk

We take a train

We walk through the crowd

We go around the city

as long as you were there

everything's gonna be alright

Through diversity we still go on

Difference between us will make us stronger

We equip each other, we complete each other

You make me perfect

The sun was set, but my love for you were never set

under the shadow we mark our love

a sincere kiss, i trust in you

you are my reason for me to keep going strong

sparkling nights under the tokyo tower

our hearts already determined

to protect each other

to complete each other

to be with each other

together until we are getting old

until the last hair that fall from our head

i love you

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