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From Bali with Love ~ Ricky & Karin

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

if you asking my what is one of the most memorable photoshoot i've ever done. This Prewedding shot is one of a kind. I do love to communicating with the client, he is my former gym trainer in Jatomi Fitness Tangerang, and her wife is also one of his student in the gym. They are fun and happy couple.

My schedule is very tight and tiring on that week, but at least i'm able to do it all with great result. its all began 4 day before photoshoot. Start on Thursday week before, i have product photoshoot on my studio. Then on Friday i have half day wedding photoshoot, continue on Saturday and Sunday i have 2 full in a row wedding photoshoot. As you might know, wedding in Indonesia usually start at 4 or 5am in the morning and end at 10 pm in the night, not to mention my preparation before and after. Finally on Monday morning, i have a flight with my team @williamsetiawan and @biljay and also the clients. So 5 of us meet at the airport around noon. Right after we arrive on Bali, we start our preparation, hotel booking, and etc until midnight. Our schedule was very tight that i have no time to sleep that night because the photoshoot on Tuesday start at 2am to go to Tamblingan Lake before sunrise. I and my team managed to survive that day.

The first day is done by the evening. Finally i can have some rest even though its only a few time, because the next morning we need to go to the mount batur on 4am. The second day we go to mt batur and tukad unda water dam. Here is day 2