Summer in Tokyo ~ Michael & Merinda

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Credits :

all photos taken with canon 6D, sigma 24-35 f2 art, sigma 50 f1.4 art, canon 85mm f1.2L II

Words and photo by @yedijaluhur

Photo Courtesy of @camiopictures

Mitel & Rinda Prewedding day

The season that came into the city

Summer is when everyone take a long break

They make love to each other, They walk to each other

Love bloom in the city

as we holding hand together

a wind blows through our heart

as cold as winter wind

we hold each other together

through all life challenge

we live love laugh together

we are building our home

share to each other, forever

The city that we came by

The memories that lies inside

We bathe by the sunlight together

walking around the city