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Japanese Style Preset

Hello guys, this one is a delayed project of mine. Actually i want to publish it since years ago. Luckily from the corona pandemic, i actually got much time to do my delayed project, which is my preset for lightroom classic and lightroom mobile. i named this "Japanese preset" . Why? Japanese things was my reference since long time ago when i was in high school, i love collection photos of japanese girl, actress, singer, and model. Make it into my PC wallpaper and many more. i am into editing photos since 13 years ago when i still use photoshop 5, even im not into photography yet. i mostly take my photo using sony ericsson W600i and photoshop my photos in it.. lol.. by the time a lear photography 11 years ago i starting to learn how to photograph people, landscape, and especially models. i have community back then that almost twice every week doing a private photo session, and thats the first time i can translate my japanese enthusiast combine with a photography, making my photo looks like japanese style (thats how my friend describe it at that time). my reference mostly still the same til today, i just love how natural that using available light is. The things is i cannot control, so what i can do is maximising what is available whether its sun light, ambience, or natural light from city light.

This is my own conclusion, but i think "japanese style" photos mostly have breezy feeling into them and yes its not even a perfect lighting, there are always flaws and thats what makes a "wabi-sabi" (perfectly imperfect) feeling attached into the their photographic tone. Anyway if you are interested more in "japanese style" you can check my book titled "memotret model : Asian Style Photography" its still selling in marketplace. Back to my own preset, my preset for now have 4 theme called Gifu, Kyoto, Okinawa, and Sapporo. i make that preset based on color and seasons. Gifu have greenish toned, Kyoto have Warm tone, Okinawa have orange and pinkish tone, and sapporo have strong blue tone. Below is my Japanese preset chart

My preset fits well for JPG image as well as RAW image because its non destructive. But for disclaimer, if you are using RAW, i think its best to control you white balance and tint a little bit more. This preset also compatible for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom mobile. So whether you are an amateur photographer or just casual phone photographer, you can use my preset. if you are interested, you can buy my Presets via marketplace HERE, or just contact at +6285945286421

1. GIFU Preset

A custom self made preset. Based on nature that is greenish and yellowish colour resemble nature. This preset include one with high contrast and low contrast. Beside strong color tone, this preset also have strong saturation to it resemble a nature sunbathed with sunlight to make the color pop more.

2. KYOTO Preset

A custom self made preset. Inspired by Autumn color that is yellowish, warm, and give you a classic look. Most of yellow color switched hue to orange while keeping the skin tone neutral. Suitable for Beuaty Session and landscape, giving it harmonic feeling to the surrounding.

3. OKINAWA Preset

A custom self made preset. Color tone from this preset resemblance orange and pinkish. Inspired by the beauty of okinawa island that is warmth all throughout the year. This preset fit for landscape dan beauty photos to give you sunset feel as well as pinkish sweet especially for girl.

4. SAPPORO Preset

A custom self made preset. Inspired by Hokkaido Island that is mostly covered by snow in the winter. The cold wind and blue ambience are very strong in this preset, also fog and haze is also strong.. For editing, this preset suitable to make very moody photo of an landscape or portraiture.

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