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Based on Jakarta Greater Area, Indonesia
for me every place can be a playground as long as i bring my camera with me

Love doing many things photo & video related. most of my work is all about connection and emotion between people for portrait work, and inpired by people around me

I believe photos is a gateway of connection between time and experience. Thats why preserving those memories is what makes human is valuable and meaningful

Through my work, i want to encourage people to know themselves better. To drive a meaningful dialogue, and for the benefit of human society as a whole. 


"Photo never deteriorate and the subject never aged. its kind of time machine, isn't it?"


Featured Journal


Michael Merinda wedding by Yedija Indonesia photographer.jpg

Michael & Merinda Engagement

“We had very good prewedd photoshoot experiences with Yedija,TWICE!  Pengalaman di foto oleh Yedija pertama kali saat prewed di Jepang Mei lalu. Banyak sekali ide2 nya yang luar biasa creative yang ga terpikirkan kami yang “awam” saat proses foto berlangsung. Dan ketika jadi, hasil fotonya will make you impressed and amazed, no lie. Pengalaman lain yg bs kami sharingkan adalah Yedija responsive sekali pada moment2 yg well captured, detail terhadap angle dan will not give up until we get some best photos! Ini yg membuat kami memilih Yedija lagi for our wedding day in December. Thanks again for helping us out and we wish you the best for the future, Yedija.”

—  Name, Title

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