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Rendi & Anggi

Updated: Jan 12, 2019


Credits :

all photos taken with canon 5D mark iv, sigma 24-35 f2 art, sigma 50 f1.4 art, canon 85mm f1.2L II

Words and photo by @yedijaluhur

Photo Courtesy of @wsphotograph


Here is one of my favourite wedding shot. In this session, i work with my friend @williamsetiawan @odelianova and @gracethani its fun experience with you guys, especially since i help my friend's vendor called @wsphotographs

We came eartlier in the morning so we can get much photoshoot before the preparation to get the result as best as possible.

their wedding was held in ancol, jakarta. Me with @gracethani is in charge at the groom preparation. Rendi is fun and easygoing person, and i want to take the best shot for their wedding. The weather is clear and lighting is very good for photoshoot.

He had three groom's men to help him on the wedding day, they are all funny person, so i can easily create good atmosphere, also create creative pose for them.

after preparation finished, He prepare to meet the beautiful bride Anggi. By the way, she is also the owner of account @babymilothecorgi which is already famous.

actually this wedding is very special because its the first time i work with other vendor with the total of almost 10 photographer and 10 videographer, and i can assume its very hard to get the angle that i want since everyone also want their best. luckily me with my team at @wsphotograph manage to get as much shot as possible, and i'm very satisfied with my own result.

Here is some result from their holy matrimony shot. located in segarra, ancol. The sea breeze, and warm evening sunlight bathe them and the guests also. Actually i love the light and sky. With my new gear 5D mark iv, i managed to get as much dynamic range as possible, because the sky was good and i got surprised by its dynamic range. Its far more than my previous camera canon 6D.

They are happily after after

After holy matrimony, they rush for their wedding reception, also held at the same place which is at segarra, ancol. it was poor lighting and the light is a little mess since the videographer bring their own LED each, also i managed to get done with fix lens and high ISO. I can't talk much, but i can show you the picture from their wedding reception

The groom and bride also sing together, and their voice is also very good.

at the last i'm very satisfied with the result despite the shooting condition isnt optimal, also both of them love my result. With respect i'm grateful to them and also my team that i can get new shooting experience.


Yedija Luhur

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