Studio Photo in Gading Serpong. By photographer who know how to light the scene for creative people like you. Supporting local businesses to fulfilling your visual content need.

Minimalist, Simple, and Functional concept photo studio. Providing natural and wood theme suit for your Fashion, Portrait, Product, Family, etc. Also providing plain background for your needs.


Our Venue

Address :

Ruko Gadget Blok A no 8, Gading Serpong, Tangerang Selatan


Our Equipment & Facilities

for studio rent

3 Studio lamp 250 watt

Standard Reflector, Honeycomb & Filter Gel

2x softbox 80x120cm

1x octabox 140cm

Beauty dish 60 cm

Reflector 5 in 1

4x Reflector size 2x1m

6+ total for thematic background

6 Plain color (white, black, blue, pink, peach, green)

Steamer (additional 150k)

Additional Studio lamp available

Bunch of props

2x studio space (Thematic & Backdrop)

Capacity approx 10 person for each studio

Big Parking space

Opening hour 08.00 - 20.00

Make up space for each studio

Changing Area



Pet allowed (need permission)

Yearbook allowed (Special price)


Photography  Services

Family Photoshoot


Personal Photoshoot



Group Photoshoot

Fashion Catalog



Our Schedule

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